Commend See

Commend See is the surreal serialization of works created for display and distribution from the community space’s Lower East Side nest. It is an endeavor that identifies artists working in different mediums, but existing in the same energy field of this diverse venue. We will initiate a conversation with our collaborators that is dimensional but temporal, infinite effs given. In stretching and blending the dimensional / temporal (as well as transient / celestial and permanent / earthly), many of our projects will pair a visual artist or artisan with a musician.

Commend See is not only about entwining artists from different disciplines. It is sensitive to the artist practices the series involves, bringing together those who recognize new realities - within and beyond this world - that others can not. As a collaborator and venue, Commend facilitates the production of new work and also hosts happenings around each endeavor. As a collaborator, it encourages these projects outside of a strict timeline or end product. Our space responds to works created in response to our space.

Each project will yield an artist edition of vinyl and a limited run of cassettes. The vinyl will be a precarious part of the experience itself, extracted in a low dosage but conceptually connected to the highly specialized nature of the collaboration. The cassettes will be a more handy documentation that is distributed in humble quantities.