Commend See 002

7FO (sound)
Annexe (object)

Water is the source of all life, big and obvious, small and strange. Water runs in all directions, falling into nothing, forming an everything. Water’s path produces texturally, sonically, and sensually – the afterimages of life, and life before life.

Where water runs to sit still or swirl in place is a space for contemplation, a space to dislodge the mind’s confused complexes and propel them into the world. Perhaps the image of water falling over itself could wash away the elements blocking truth.

7FO’s Water Falls Into A Blank, the second edition in the Commend See series, dips into this wondrous world and draws from it a bubble of dub and anecdotal pop. Hailing from Osaka, Japan, 7FO – neé N. Kawata – introduces each song as reflective surfaces that ripple into pools of water brimming with micro beings.

Listening to 7FO’s music is like diving into a quiet lake: a rejuvenating wash of life that plummets through murky and more curious depths. Described by 7FO as “curious, quiet, and humorous,” Water Falls balances spontaneous energy eruption and extended moments of meditation.

There is an appreciation of detail (“the stuff of life”) permeating Water Falls. From simplicity grows complexity; from the molecular appears fully-formed creatures we know as ourselves, complete with passion and a primordial past. These creatures are the characters of Water Falls, each environmental shift a stage cue in this aquatic theater.

The collaborative core of the Commend See series threads through Water Falls via the fabrication of Nick Ozgunay, a Brooklyn-based artist who dyes, paints, burns, and produces prints and textiles as Annexe. The cover image is that of a red panda burned to paper, a peaceful keeper of the sounds and sight

An artist edition of six unique albums featuring Indigo dyed fabric sleeves by Ozgunay and silkscreened covers designed by Will Work For Good will be available at Commend, alongside a cassette edition of Water Falls Into A Blank with accompanying digital download card. An exhibition celebrating the collaboration and exhibiting a new burn piece from Ogzunay will take place on Thursday, October 6.