Gee Dee

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Gee Dee is a musician living in NYC. He is 1/2 of Infinity Machine with Juan Maclean and 1/3 of Earth Beat with Extra Andrew and Latane From Fundido. Through the universal mechanisms of mutual friendship we were connected, and here is his contribution to the series.

A few notes from Gee Dee on their mix for SIDES ~

“I set out to create a “mood mix”, less about “tracks” and more focus on overall vibe. Hard to tell when a song finishes and when the next song starts…”

  • All .99¢ CDs found at a shop on Long Island.
  • Mainly new age, ambient, and a few house cuts snuck in for good measure.
  • Best for relaxing, maybe smoking a little weed or sipping some tea, ideally in an intimate setting, on headphones, to warm you up on these cold days.