Divine Interface

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For SIDES018, we invited Divine Interface to contribute a mix. He is a producer from Atlanta with releases on Harsh Riddims, CGI and 2MR of electro-adjacent, soul r&b house music (check out this year’s Seeking Arrangements). When we received it, the music hit in the most perfect way. It was exactly what we needed without realizing we needed it before. This SIDES goes hand-in-hand with our latest Commend shirt, by the producer and artist Ryan Parks, also based in Atlanta and who runs the label Harsh Riddims Blood Sucking Cassette Co. Ryan’s shirt says “In Loving Memory – Embracing Change – Empowering Grace”, and has an image of a hand holding a bouquet of roses. In loving memory… “to all of 2020 at this point!” The mix kicks off with one of Ryan’s tracks under his artist name – Fit of Body.
We asked Divine Interface to respond to that message: “To me it means finding a way to come to terms with the inevitable. It only feels like a major “change” when it’s happening. I often have to gracefully get off my ass and get it to it lol.”
Track list
In Loving Memory (FINAL5) – Fit of Body
Eating Myself – DJ City
Gateway – Peer Du
Racecar – Munir
Deep In Your Mind – Ase Manual
Harambee 2 the Sun – Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program
Who Are You (feat. Ghoulfive) – Stefan Ringer & Ben Hixon
On Silent – nsa worldwide + 925 star
Takes – ben hixon
Qn6 – Quas
Salt – Nikki Nair
JCLM (We Dance) – Quavius
Manzanero’s Despair – Felipe Gordon
Controllar – Vitess
King N Queen – Quavius
Wap – Letherette
Pink – Joe Cleen