Robert Beatty

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An autumnal mix of fractured future folk, off kilter sci-fi lounge pop, and pastoral pitch shifted ballads. Play at any speed.
RB September 2016 ♎

1. Patrice Sciortino- Aqualithes
2. Sparks- Biology 2
3. Akio Niitsu- Orange Paradox
4. The Open Window- Much Too Soon
5. Julian’s Treatment- Altarra, Princess Of The Blue Woman
6. World Standard- Billy Strange Country
7. Orton Socket- Ice Dint_s
8. Manon Anne Gillis- Cendibilis
9. Rino de Filippi- Carovana
10. Pigeons- Dead Echo
11. Barton Smith- Cit-Calm
12. Kay Hoffmann- Rondo
13. Tom Nehls- Clean Air
14. Truck- Dreamseller
15. Vyto B.- Tricentennial 2076
16. Nora Guthrie- Emily’s Illness
17. Tom Dissevelt- Moon Maid
18. Motohiko Hamase- Pascal
19. The Gurdjieff- S.P.I. Ritual
20. The Lost Jockey- Matters of Theory
21. Robert Beatty- Floodgate Companion (excerpt)