Yama Yuki - Inverted Cities

Yama Yuki - Inverted Cities


Commend is happy to present Inverted Cities, the latest Good Morning Tapes release from Yama Yuki, a Japanese composer currently based in Brazil. Within Inverted Cities, Yama explores the infinite possibilities of future realities of architecture and space. Each track is centered around a location and future year, inspired by Yama’s past trips around the world. The listener is taken to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela in 2042 and the city center of Antananarivo in 2037, where heart-shaped Lake Anosy is ringed by Jacaranda trees.

Heavenly melody sails over a vast expanse of blinking neon lights and billboards in Ciudad del Este, euphoric and buoyantly rhythmic at times, then drifts gently over Montevideo’s sea-facing streets with their sun-weathered facades and whispered breezes.

Materialized via preset software synthesizers and software effects, Yama gifts us with unpredictable compositions that arise from the enmeshing of his astute perception with "the sound of surrounding objects, and the environment” of what's to come. Find yourself in a spacetime continuum while listening to Inverted Cities, your own mind’s landscape influencing the journey.

GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMT42 Yama Yuki - Inverted Cities (Snippets)