Web - The Sound There

Web - The Sound There


There is always more to discover within the world of music. Case in point: when the founder of Acido, Dynamo Dreesen, was in Japan he enquired about a favorite Japanese techno record from the 90s by the artist known as web. He was then contacted by the artist and sent a message along with tracks from 1994-1995. The result is this double LP of unreleased 90s Japanese house and techno gems.

"Interaction with equipment" begins The Sound There, and sounds aptly titled. There is a fresh excitement of discovery in the machines, with an atmosphere of celebration and wonder in the melody and shuffle of the snare drum.

These are tracks that push and start to break away from a standard 4/4 rhythm. Even in a track like "The temptation of the pyramid", which evokes an early Detroit / Juan Atkins sort of sound, the arrangement feels more long form than looping. What they all have in common is a tight cleanliness and understated melodic passages, and they are a welcomed addition to Takuya Sugimoto's catalog.

Michelle Jarvis, one of the co-owners of Acido, created the album artwork using fabric techniques. "Squiggle pattern used for the slipcover, is a reverse mono screen print on natural wool felt. One of a range of prints I first developed in italy. The technique is very simple, string is placed on top of the base fabric and then a silk screen. Black ink is pushed through the screen, when the screen and the string is removed there is an unprinted clear pattern of the string. Squiggle is one step further where I took a string pattern to make a screen and this reverses the colour printing the pattern and leaving the base clear."