Walter Verdin ‎– Voor Adeline "Een Fantastisch Nieuw Muziektheater"

Walter Verdin ‎– Voor Adeline "Een Fantastisch Nieuw Muziektheater"


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Theater De Kreet was a theatre troupe formed of core members Walter Verdin, Guy Dermul, Hilde Wils, Gaby Geysens and Nicole Boffin, working between 1979 and 1981 in Belgium. The group presented just one performance, a musical called Adeline which had a run of six shows in 1981.

Created through improvisatory methods, the music for Adeline was composed by Verdin, an art student later achieving commercial success as the songwriter for a winning Eurovision Song Contest entry. Using the studio of the Audiovisual Services at Leuven University, where the group was based, Verdin recorded found sounds - such as the spring as a desk lamp - as well as traditional instruments to create the score.

"In that period I was very much experimenting, making new material and using older stuff I had lying around. A lot of the music came naturally. Jean-Marie Aerts would be playing guitar in front of his TV for instance, and I would play along. Or I would just rhythmically move the handle of a flight case – clack, clack, clack – and he would play bass. That became “Lancement”. The melody and the lyrics for “De Zus Van Adeline”, for instance, were written by Guy Dermul, and I made the arrangement for the song.”

Stroom’s Ziggy Devriendt collects and organizes these recordings for a 2018 release, a poppy, off-kilter record suited for freaky dancefloors.