Vladimir Levi & Kim-Breitburg - Milky Garden - LP (Sourced Stock)

Vladimir Levi & Kim-Breitburg - Milky Garden - LP (Sourced Stock)


Milky Garden (Млечный Сад) is a sliver of supreme new age music from Russian and Ukrainian musicians. Devotional and archaic, the album mixes impassioned classical guitar playing with celestial synths, chamber arrangements with ecstatic and glassy vocals in turn. These forces combine in their most divine instance for “Gift-Giving, Don't Go” (“Не Уходи, Дарящий”), a measured but emotive paean carried by a chorus of young voices. They touch wistful Baltic beat criteria in the LP’s namesake, a vision of firelight percussion and sitar-like solo. Other favorites include the buoyant, mouth harp piloted “I’m Letting Myself” (“Отпускаю Себя”) and enveloping thematic interlude “Awakening” (“Пробуждение”), flanging and twinkling like a sonic dream catcher. 

Released in 1993 via RiTonis, Milky Garden long remained in localized orbit. Based in Riga, RiTonis replaced the Baltic branch of Melodiya (Мелодия), USSR’s major state-owned record label. Most of Ritonis’ releases were offered to Russian and regional markets, accounting for the limited and remote availability of Vladimir Levi and Kim Breitburg’s soul collaborative creation. We are pleased to offer this sourced stock from lands and time spans far from - and yet somehow familiar to - our own. 

Track List

A1. Meaning / Смысл
A2. I’m Letting Myself / Отпускаю Себя
A3. Waves of Quiet / Волны Покоя
A4. Gift-Giving, Don't Go / Не Уходи, Дарящий

B1. Awakening / Пробуждение
B2. Milky Garden / Млечный Сад
B3. The Sunny Side of a Life / Солнечная Сторона Жизни
B4. I’m Going / Иду
B5. Try Yourself / Сам Попробуй