For the past decade, Themes For Great Cities have been fertilizing, nurturing and articulating what can only be described as the Dusseldorf sound. A sound defined by sub-110 BPMs, alluring and entrancing atmospheres, with rhythms sourced from the periphery of traditional Western dance notions. Although there are only a slight handful releases under the TFGC imprint, each one carries an ecstatic potency, and a new step in the evolution of their scene and sound. Two of the most visible ambassadors of this sound, Wolf Mueller and Tolouse Low Trax, released their most seminal early releases with this label as well.

Capping off a quiet but disquieting decade of releases is TFGCX (10 Jahre TFGC), a compilation of some of the label’s highest, brightest moments. From Wolf Mueller’s earlier works, to his subsequent collaboration with Young Marco (appropriately titled Young Wolf), to the now iconic title track from Tolouse Low Trax’s “Rushing Into Water” disc, and to the work of their younger generation such as Mekine U Teksi and Lucas Croon — we listeners get to witness the evolution of a singular voice in dance music from its germination stage to its maturity, and all of the mutations that occur along the way.

themes for great cities · TFGCX (TFGC019) - 10 Jahre TFGC Compilation