V/A - Spectres II Resonances

V/A - Spectres II Resonances


"Addressing one or other of the forms that this idea of resonating can take on (extending – evoking – reverberating – revealing – transmitting), each of the contributions brought together in this volume reveals to us a personal aspect, a fragment of the enthralling territory of sonic and musical experimentation, a territory upon which resonance may unfold. The book has been designed as a prism and as a manual. May it in turn find a unique and profound resonance in each and every reader." Features writings by:

- Maryanne Amacher

- Chris Corsano

- Ellen Fullman

- Christina Kubisch

- Okkyung Lee

- Pali Meursault

- Jean-Luc Nancy

- David Rosenboom

- Tomoko Sauvage

- The Caretaker

- David Toop

- Christian Zanési