Taylor Deupree - Mur

Taylor Deupree - Mur








While the album lacks a title track, it has a title (well, also tidal) sound throughout. Wistful piano intertwines with soft whooshing sounds; indeterminate natural sounds, or perhaps derived from within a synthesizer. Each piece is set to the pace of slow, deep breathing, and while these bear a similarity to another recent Deupree release, Chorus (Dusk/Dawn), there is little in the manner of electronic sounds. Mur casts the piano as a central element and everything else is context, or atmosphere, to the expressive keys.

Taylor Deupree is a New York based musician who curates the label 12k, and has been producing a large variety of music - from hardcore techno to the softest ambient. He describes the album title “as if there’s always something about my music that’s like a murmur."