Simone  Forti - Al  Di  Là

Simone Forti - Al Di Là


Al  Di  Là is the first full-length collection of recordings spanning the early 60s to mid-80s by movement, sound and language artist Simone Forti.

Though considered an innovator primarily in the world of dance, Forti worked in a richly interdisciplinary way throughout her career, consistently immersed in the field of sound. Her bio could be endlessly mined for clues about the nature of these recordings: she began dancing with Anna Halprin in 1955, where her improvisations were iconically captured on Halprin's outdoor deck studio in the Bay Area. In New York she studied with Robert Dunn at the Merce Cunningham studio, where the scores of John Cage became a guide to many. Her experiences at Woodstock became a fountain of inspiration (detailed in her book Handbook in Motion) and followed with a collaboration with Charlemagne Palestine at the piano... 

But what's most important is what we hear and how we respond to the material of Al  Di  Là - we may feel a rush from the the abandonless expression and joy in "Censor" (1961); we may cock our head up to the tallest branches of the tree outside our window as if looking for the simulated bird-calls in "Molimo" (1970-present); we may slow our breathing, drawing the length of our faces downward to the glissandos of "Face Tunes" (1968); and we may surpress a giggle as we open our mouths for an imaginary dentist while listening to "Bottom" (1968). 

Named as a variation of one of the pieces in the collection - “Dal Di Là” (1972) (roughly translated as “toward the beyond,”) Al  Di  Là may mean “from the beyond,” echoing the lyrics (in English) “I’m awaiting a song from afar, from afar, a song of goodbye from afar. For now I’ve seen the game I was playing, slowly leaving the earth and drifting far among the stars.” 

Compiled with the assistance of Tashi Wada, released on his Saltern label.