Silvia Tarozzi - Mi specchio e rifletto

Silvia Tarozzi - Mi specchio e rifletto


Thanks to Unseen Worlds, (a Brooklyn based label that spotlights as-of-yet unheralded avant grade music), we have this lovely collection of music by Silvia Tarozzi, entitled Mi specchio e rifletto, or I Mirror and Reflect.

Musically the album is infused with avant impulses, free jazz improvisation, and is accompanied by heavenly Italian vocals. Conceptually, the songs' are deeply inspired by the passionate poems of Alda Merini, so much so that Tarozzi spent years setting Merini’s poetry to music, then mirroring it with her own afterwards, the end result being Mi specchio e rifletto. 

The themes of love, motherhood, and the mystery hidden in the everyday are at the core of these sensitively wrought, beautiful tracks that unfold with cinematic, mystic grace.

Flute, cello, electric and acoustic guitar, as well as sax, violin and keyboards are all at work here to create a majestical tapestry. At times there’s even a prog-like conjuring of fantastical musical scenes, as Tarozzi ponders the hidden surrealism within the mundane details of waking life.