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Shasta Cults - Shasta Cults


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Inhale the calming cloud like surges of Shasta Cults self titled album. 

For almost 20 years, Shasta Cults aka Richard Smith was known around the world as the Buchla & Associates repair tech; and repaired different electronic equipment for studios, collectors and musicians like Aphex Twin, Suzanne Ciani, and Morton Subotnick. 

Shasta Cults is 6 pieces created  over a span of 3 months in the fall of 2018, on the only functional Buchla Touché around. "Developed in the early 1980s with hardware by Donald Buchla and software programmed by musician David Rosenboom, the Touché features waveforms generated internally by twenty-four digital oscillators and uses frequency modulation along with sophisticated digital and analog signal processing to produce complex timbres." 

Great for deep meditations, Shasta Cults is fills the atmosphere with warm hypnotic drones, entrancing synths and spacious orb like sounds.