Shakey - Shakey

Shakey - Shakey


Palto Flats are purveyors of idiomatic forms of pop, electronic, and experimental music. They're best known for their stellar reissues of Japanese classics by Midori Takada, Yasuaki Shimizu, and Mariah

Here they present “Shakey,” the first release from enigmatic duo Silvia Kastel and Lizzie Davis, two electronic innovators joining forces for this lush synthesis (Davis is cultly loved for her work as Wilted Woman).

Shakey’s opening tracks possess, as described by Kastel, “the dissonant art rock of The Residents or Fred Frith.” In a refreshing take, this sensibility is enmeshed with surprising ambient textures and digi-dub bubbling out of musique concrete.

It then slinks into "Dischidia"—aptly named after the tropical plant with petal-like leaves. “Moth” and “e ocean” follow, featuring deep jungle bassline, spunky vocal samples, and percussive loops that drive Shakey’s animated green vision.

Turn to this debut for ethereal grooves and twinkling melodies, a playful/graceful marrying of two artists' dexterous craft.                                                                  

To top off this release, the cover artwork is by a long-time seed to San Francisco's artistic underground, Chris Lux. Lux’s symbolic green world graces the cover, with painted fauna and decorative thrills mirroring the sensual movement of the tracks within.