Our extended family at Good Morning Tapes continues to grow in astonishing ways, welcoming in a duo of Seoul-based producers -- DJ Uman Therma and Yetsuby, known formally as Salamanda. Allez, their initial offering for Good Morning Tapes, is an enchanting mix of collected field recordings filtered through a lens of 90s electronic pop, ambient, and downtempo. According to the group, the two sides of Allez tell a story "of a bird that flew from its cage", beginning its journey through the first side of the tape, becoming cognizant of its potential, and embracing its emancipation through the second side of the tape.

Hard to necessarily pin or grasp, the styles exhibited on Salamanda's debut are refreshingly varied, though in an organic style that is completely their own. Opening up their debut is a sequence of organic downtempo arrangements, appropriate for the universe of GMT, sitting in a similar constellation to the work of Meitei or D.K. Additionally, tracks like "Hide and Seek" bring to Allez an articulate, lush, expansive scene of stasis, evoking Terry Riley-style minimalism via warm, comforting pads. Conversely, "Walking Flower" and "Violet" utilize the voice to communicate feelings of emancipation, a lookout over a vast and endless expanse. Much like the amphibious critter that the group adapted their namesake from, the music contained within this debut slips between many different styles and terrains, while still remaining true to their environment and their nature.

GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMT37 Salamanda - Allez