Ruins - Marea / Tide - Sound And Image Research Volume One

Ruins - Marea / Tide - Sound And Image Research Volume One


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Music from Memory’s latest is a vivid concept record from Italian wave band Ruins. Piergiuseppe Ciranna and Alessandro Pizzin, its two members, developed a divergent series called “Sound and Image Research” relating to their interdisciplinary collaborative work in the early 1980s. Marea/Tide, the first and only entry in the series, was a symbiotic effort by Ruins and the painter Luigi Viola. In 1984 the album was released alongside an event exhibiting Viola’s work and listening sessions at Villa Sagredo in Venice. The records were mostly only available at this event and similar follow-up happenings at galleries around Italy.

Marea / Tide is a mostly minimalist affair, leaving plenty of room for visual stimulation amidst warm, chimey pools, quietly emotional and sparsely rhythmicized Satie-esque dances and looping vocalizations. Traces of their amorous, wavey disposition are still delicately strummed, as in the groovy centrepiece, “I Love You.” This expanded edition includes a bonus 7” with four unreleased tracks, along with the album and reprints of Viola’s screen prints, integral the first time around.