Richard Lamb ‎– Automatic Tango

Richard Lamb ‎– Automatic Tango


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Montreal’s Temple Recordings, a staple of sublime dream dance music, present their sixth outing. Founder and operator R Weng dons a sleek turtleneck, a red rose and the moniker Richard Lamb for a sentimental synth soiree christened Automatic Tango.

Schmaltzing with early Moog classical flair, R’s first full length (save for his part in supergroup New World Science’s 2018 Osmos (Movements) album) touches marine minimal techno, ruminative dub swims and extraterrestrial industrial treks, and involves spoken musings amidst expertly arranged synth parts.

Automatic Tango offers soul, style and a sense of humor, poised to transport you to the outermost corners of your mind and the innermost chambers of your heart.