Rennek - The Ichthyocentaur's Leap

Rennek - The Ichthyocentaur's Leap


Always a true pleasure to bring in new and past releases from the Chilean label Nonlocal Research. Another blazed out CDR for fans of Star Searchers, Pontiac Streator or other releases we carry from this label, like the CD by Galaxy Express 555

The Antediluvian Soldier comes across like a auditory-play, and one that would be deeply enchanting were it staged like a performance by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. Any musical genre names fail to befit this, or most, releases from this label. It's more similar the art-flms of the Chilean-French auteur Alejandro Jodorowsky. There are moments here that sound like recycled 70s sci-fi film score, complete with spoken word moments that gesture towards actions and motives we never quite know the full breadth of. 

The most musical of all is the piece titled "Ichthyocentaur's Leap 3000", the closing piece, fading out into a swirling resonant wind. As much as it is something to listen to, this CD is indeed a journey to take with you on long walks, circuitous commutes, or to let color the going-ons of your day-to-day working from home.

"Rennek The Antediluvian Soldier reveals his creed’s deepest heirloom. Initially hazed out, this wide-screen environment plays out like a dark micro science-fantasy audiomovie assembled through lulling horns, wandering electronic pulses, machine clatter and decontextualized dialogue snippets. This all forms a vague impression of some kind of free-falling paleo-industrial collapse loosely bound together for the listener through The Antediluvian Soldier’s salvaged black box of a previous civilization." (Text from label's Bandcamp)