Rachel Langlais - Dothe

Rachel Langlais - Dothe


Sensitivity and curiosity synergize in these idiosyncratic piano experiments from  Rachel Langlais on the French label un je ne sais quoi. 

Dothe is conceptually anchored around the sound of two upright pianos in the tradition of John Cage’s seminal prepared piano pieces.

The composer takes the listener in an imaginative, soaring direction as she altars the piano’s sound by placing plastic, wood and other materials between the strings. The end result is impressively rich and varied, from minimal and harmonious to frenetic and pleasantly cacophonous.

The album name Dothe stems from a term in an Ursula K. Le Guin science fiction novel, which means a “nervous hysterical strength that can be controlled.” 

Langlais utilizes contemporary digital processing techniques, cutting and slowing down organic patterns into further innovative territory. A captivating release that masterfully plays the edge between graceful and dissonant, fusing contemporary elements with avant-garde history.