Philip Perkins ‎– King Of The World

Philip Perkins ‎– King Of The World


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A former pupil of "Blue" Gene Tyranny, Philip Perkins' 1983 recording of King Of The World is being brought back to life by radio show and reissue-label, chOOn!! King Of The World tells a story of three aristocrat kings who sought out to be the supreme rulers of all of mankind. 

Casio synthesizers, field recordings, and minimal regal loops serenade the atmosphere upon each listen. "Opening" is inspired by the sovereign rule of the ancient monarch, Mayan Lord of Palenque. Lord Palenque ascended to the throne at the age of 12 and died in 683 AD (80 years old). During his reign, large stone cities were built with the advancement of astronomy, writing, and the mayan calendar. In this piece, one can hear the power of river water over a lush tropical forest, thunder, and Casio chords all displaying the drive and passion behind the ruler of the Mayans.