Peter Scion - Through My Ghost

Peter Scion - Through My Ghost


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"Peter Scion has been a bit of a pet project we’ve been working on for the past two years. After hearing this strange synth-folk music on an Cold Wave mix, by French DJ Clement Meyer for our mixtape series, we carried out a bit of detective work and finally tracked down the creator to Borås in rural Sweden. 

To cut a long story short, having turned up at his door over 15 years after this music was made, we are very happy to present Peter’s first proper release - besides a few CDR’s distributed in his homeland at the time - his music is finally available to a wider audience. The Swedish equivalent of The Guardian has just published news of the release - imagine how surreal that must feel, to have your music talked about years after it was made! 

The vinyl release includes an exclusive insert designed by Anna Kraay Illustration, which details the full story into how we discovered Peter - and what that felt like for him to be ‘discovered’ many years later." - Huntleys + Palmers