Opgang 2 ‎– De Chirico

Opgang 2 ‎– De Chirico


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Metallic tech-house released on Hamilton, Ontario-based label Steel City Records in 1997.

Oliver Barcovic created the label the mid-90s on the fruitful foundation of Detroit techno aesthetics, and influenced a host of Canadian dance-music names like Junior Boys, Mathew Jonson and Orphx. He represented a fluidity of meta-techno styles - touching on house and tech-house at times, linked by a raw, abstracted vision of the industrial future (or, lack-there-of).

Opgang 2 contributed other releases to Steel City under other aliases, including an aquatic chugger, full of attitude as Dave Foster (Chop Suey Peep Show) and and echoe-d-out acid workout as Obscene Mannequin ‎(Pyramidine).