Operating Theatre ‎– Miss Mauger

Operating Theatre ‎– Miss Mauger


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Celebrating 25 years of Operating theatre, Dublin’s All Chival Records reissues Miss Mauger. Operating Theatre is an Irish music theater company that performs experimental avant grade synth pop acts; by composer, Roger Doyle, and hollywood actress and vocalist, Olwen Fouéré. The Double LP celebrates the first phase of the company operated as a theatre company that integrating music as an equal partner of the theatrical environment; and as a band releasing records. The theatre's most active years were 1981-1988, and again in 1998-2008.

There are two additional pieces featured on this reissue, “Austrian” and “Sir Geoffrey” that are originally from the production of The Diamond Body written by Aidan Matthews; which is a 75 solo performance by Fouéré that toured around London, Glasgow, New Jersey, and Caracas up until 1988. Roger Doyle continues to this day to compose in celebration of the multiplicity of musical languages and evolving technologies.