MoM018 - Louis Crelier - Rester Partir (Caldeira)

MoM018 - Louis Crelier - Rester Partir (Caldeira)


Commend's latest MoM (Music of the Moment) is Louis Crelier's Rester Partir, the inaugural release from Caldeira, a new label launched by collector and sometimes DJ Camille Bertin, aka Plastic Bamboo, that specializes in music with hidden depth and offers "sounds without boundaries across time.”

Rester Partir is a haunting tableaux Crelier originally created for a Hervé Loichemol theatre play staged in 1985 in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Swiss composer has written over thirty scores for stage and film over the past several decades, imbuing his soundwork with a multitude of artful moods and emotive depth.

Rester Partir translates from the French to “stay / depart,” a fitting title for a collection that glissandos between notes, place, and time. The story of Rester Partir unfolds in both melancholic and serenely lush scenery, in turn mysterious and playful. Memories of places you’ve never been drift into frame, from bedroom womb into a foliage of phantasmal keys, dripping wetly.

Like Jon Hassel’s Dream Theory in Malaya: Fourth World Volume II released four years prior, Rester Partir is guided by an intuitive, improvisational dream logic that threads the line between waking and sleeping revelations. It offers a hazy, voyeuristic lens into another world with dusty ambience and eccentric keyboard effects, warm mallets serving as soft accents to the angelic murmur of insects.

As you listen, you are invited to apply your own interpretation of Restir Petir’s narrative of a new land, its climate, sounds, and geography. There’s even a surprising Balearic number “Deep in the Dale” which breezily swings with saxophone. Jazz spontaneity and organic pop impulses lift the fourth world veil, ending with a climactic final scene: a sensuous reverie complete with shedding light and gently opening synapses.

Louis Crelier's Rester Partir is the eighteenth entry in Commend’s MoM. Each cover includes a limited Obi strip, designed by Will Work for Good and riso-printed by Keegan Mills-Cooke in an edition of 30.

Caldeira · Louis Crelier - Rester Partir (CDR001)