MoM015 - Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash ‎– Postcards From Nowhere (Melody As Truth)

MoM015 - Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash ‎– Postcards From Nowhere (Melody As Truth)


For our fifteenth Music of the Month selection, we turn to trusted sources of ambient assemblage - Jonny Nash’s leading light label Melody as Truth.

Leaving its fifth year of operation, MAT has concerned itself with poignant and paired down improvised music as well as closely constructed sound structures, always meticulously envisioned. Its previous two offerings illuminated an interest in the process and place of collaborative composing, with two durational studio-centred outings from the Amsterdam quarters shared by Nash and Suzanne Kraft, where they hunker down in efforts to develop “a personal language” by combining diverse and sympathetic production techniques.

A personal language, and a similarly unique and intuitive working process, is shared by Nash and Gigi Masin. The two composers possess a rare affinity that has led to extensive cooperation, and in 2017 they were invited to a residency at Xavier Veilhan’s “Studio Venezia” - a fully functioning recording studio in the French pavilion at the Venice Biennale. There they exercised their primary organic instruments, guitar and piano, as well as other complementary conduits, with acute sensitivity to the acoustic setting and to each other. These recordings became Postcards from Nowhere, which despite their site specificity transcend space as if blown in from across an empty plane or a still sea.

Lush and romantic at times, the pair follow the emotional possibilities at their fingertips. “Butterfly’s Tale,” “Interstellar,” and “The Sea is in Your Eyes” share an unabashed melodiousness that crowns in “Girl with No Name,” fluttering with intensity. “Astro” delivers a more minimal observance, vibes sculling gently over expertly mic’d timbres that focus the ears on every deft sound expression. “Postcards from Nowhere,” too, hones in on the essentials - swinging stringed resonance around protracted and restrained keyboard touch to quietly devastating effect.

Every copy of Postcards from Nowhere purchased from Commend will come adorned with a limited edition Obi strip designed by Will Work for Good and riso printed by Keegan Mills-Cooke.