MoM012 - Georgia - Time (Firecracker)

MoM012 - Georgia - Time (Firecracker)


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For the 12th entry into our MoM (Music of the Month) series, we are coming home to some of our dearest. Prodigious vision seekers, rollicking rhythm bandits and professional category defiers Georgia have bestowed outstanding musical offerings to Good Morning Tapes, OOH-Sounds, Palto Flats, Meakusma and FTD; spreading the good news of synesthetic, addled reverie and all-welcome jam sentiment.

Currently each based in either coast’s central metropolis, the collaboration between Brian Close and Justin Tripp continues to spiral outward in unexpected pattern from a shared creative centre. Time is a comprehensive study of their peculiar logic and unadulterated - yet highly complex - sound-making practice. Largely polyrhythmic in structure and asymmetrical in form, each track detonates a cuddle-puddle of drum hit flute chirp voice utter harp pluck and total kitchen-sink medley into a heavenly body of spectral wonder. At hearth and home in the castle of true Time Lords, Edinburgh’s Firecracker.

To commemorate this mythic moment, each copy of Time sold from Commend will come with a limited edition Obi strip designed by Will Work for Good and riso-printed in Brooklyn by Keegan Mills-Cooke