MoM010 - Cucina Povera - Zoom (Night School)

MoM010 - Cucina Povera - Zoom (Night School)


The voice of Cucina Povera, aka Finnish-born, Glasgow-resident Maria Rossi, ambles and rambles across a spectral landscape like a spirit shepherding the lost and weary to peace. 

With a penchant for linguistically indecipherable but emotionally expressive utterances, almost a mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Fraser or a character from Ursula K. Le Guin or Anna Homler’s imagined languages, Rossi's threadbare compositions are part alien folklore, ambient acapella pop, and polyphonic choral. In total, a truly environmental mosaic. 

Zoom, Cucina Povera’s second album following her debut last year, Hilja, is secular plainsong, augmented seldomly and subtly by muted or plodding synth accompaniment and metronomic echo. These eight chiaroscuro compositions of Zoom are named modestly after the recording device they were feelingly murmured into. 

Those mesmerized by the worlds of Hilja will enjoy the newly intimate design of Zoom, including skeletal, preparatory versions of the same melodic material conjured intimately, spirit to spirit. Summoned and supported by the ever-edifying Night School Records

This is the tenth entry into our MoM (Music of the Month) canon, treated with an exclusive, limited Obi strips designed by Will Work For Good and riso-printed by Keegan Mills-Cooke in an edition of 30.