MinaeMinae ‎– Variante

MinaeMinae ‎– Variante


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Human Pitch present a flash of fourth-world polyvision with MinaeMinae’s debut album, Variante. Based in Stuttgart but raised in a small German village, MinaeMinae began formulating an evolving, pattern-based musical style in his youth, moving from a simple communal toolkit of tape recorder, microphone and keyboard to a freeware DAW. These early play-based sessions informed his long term attitude toward music-making - fluid, intuitive and non-utilitarian.

Variante was produced in the slipstream of a visit to India, but rather than attempt to reflect that musical heritage in his own composition under the pretense of understanding - an impossibility, according to MinaeMinae - he draws on sensory impressions of a complex world observed with an “innocent eye.” In this way, his subjective experience informed the production of Variante without hubris, and from a place of “non-knowledge,” but with infinite musical possibility.

Snaking through rhythmic mutations and melodic designs to dizzying effect, Variante fits within the unusual venn diagram of game music, psychedelic folk and futuristic dance. A dusted, degraded effect sweeps the surface of malletted, strummed and hand-hit instruments, as if these looping systems were blown out from overuse, yet never tiring of their activity. Phantasmagorical and genre-bending, Variante echoes Don’t DJ or Villalobos at its most ebullient, or an envoy from 12th Isle at its most atmospheric.