Lolina  ‎– Who Is Experimental Music?

Lolina ‎– Who Is Experimental Music?


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Lolina (aka Inga Copeland) asks a very important question — Who Is Experimental Music? –– with a collection of enigmatic music, broken rhythm tracks, casual chants, hyperreal beatboxing. Like most releases from Copeland, her music is slippery and nearly impossible to define, while being definitively and completely her own.

Copeland’s carved out an inimitable niche in the world of experimental music, while continuing to defy the consideration of her own music as 'experimental'. For there is a disquieting, yet familiar, universal quality to all of her music. In Who Is Experimental Music?, the clouds of ideas drift by, we see them, and they are impossible to grasp; like copies of this album, one must try to grab one when you can.