Local Artist - Touch Tone

Local Artist - Touch Tone


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Original Mood Hut rock Ian Wyatt gifts his second offering to the label following 2018’s two track disco dumb-founder Dancer / Dreamer and 2015’s Gong Bath (under the incognito Slow Riffs cloak), his homage to finite space and infinite source.

With 2019's Touch Tone, Wyatt draws on real themes of supporting loved ones through illness and their transition to other realms. Working into the night during this precarious period with the necessary acceptance (even embrace) of letting go of control, predictability and perfectionism, Wyatt incorporated an underused emotional tool - singing - into his track-making process. Sharing these intimate recordings with his inner circle, he took what valuable feedback they gave and finished the EP while traveling in the Mediterranean.

The opening number / namesake began as a jam with local Vancouverite and Mood Hut affiliate Cloudface, who contributed a moreish keyboard melody, later reimagined with live drums from Jack J. A funky ‘wave wink graced with deadpan spoken-word and cosmic digi melodics, it channels the same danceability of Local Artist’s previous offering with added focus and sass.

“Boys Cry” opens with near two minutes of acidic proto-house beat before introducing rustling vocals in repeated expression, lit with lush string harmonics. An emotive work out, it is dedicated to the memory of Wyatt’s dad. “Fruit” meditates on the mantra ‘this mess called life, it’s beautiful’ - a bombastic, balearic ball of runaway keys and flanging percussion. With “Gravity,” a sweet harmonizing twirl of r’n’b ties the knot on an EP packed with heart and soul.