Lieven Martens - the Habu

Lieven Martens - the Habu


From a new imprint out of Portland, Maine called Poole Music, we hear wriggle out an opus in three parts. The ediçoes CN label boss Lieven Martens' album, the Habu, continues Martens' work to invite listeners to experience an odyssey through myriad landscapes, islets, whispers, archipelagos and rain storms. 

Lieven describes the album:

"In the prelude i took up and rejected the proposal of writing the first existing piece of music for Monserrate palace - an unsung place of (touristic) beauty.

A mini-male suite of simple electronic and natural melodies.

And a larger piece that takes the Habu snake - an Okinawan pit viper - as its motive. It is a mosaic collection of questions about interference, love potions and good / bad luck."

The first piece, "Prelude (a fragmentary, oriental dream)" dances in whispers and conjures a ghostly presence through spliced and refracted field recordings. There is not much in terms of foundational rhythm, loops or patterns, but complete thoughts of sound punctuating the ether of reference to Columbia (or Spain's?) Monserrate palace.

After the fragmented dream comes "Suite Sentimentale e Mini-male I-II", a darling triptych of light synths and field recordings. FM bubbles and bells mix with other synthetic timbres. At the start of the longest piece, "The Habu Snake, an Archipelago", we are treated to an expanse. Like the physical feeling of emerging from a tunnel into a wide valley, a softly undulating synth pad opens our field of vision for what's to come.