Land Of Light ‎– The World Lies Breathing

Land Of Light ‎– The World Lies Breathing


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Kyle Martin and Jonny Nash’s Land of Light project returns seven years after their ESP Institute debut. The World Lies Breathing was devised over two years, and shares a meticulous vision of contemporary abstract composition. Clear and sparse but sometimes sinewy and granular, its eight parts were fabricated from a range of materials -  acoustic instruments resonating unrecognizably, contact microphones recording anonymous entities, and Martin’s self-built modular synthesizer doing most of the rest.

Silence, which fills the spaces between sounds abundantly, might be the fourth element in the mix and perhaps the most powerful. The World gently lurches in and out of sonic range, creeping around the edges of consciousness and illuminating small but foundational concepts: minuscule moments of tenderness, the nature of matter, ancient mysteries shimmering beyond the horizon of language. An attenuated string sliding over rusted surface, piano notes plunking like water droplets, split-second apparitions of celestial chords, textured melodies and humming signals bleeped into nothingness.