Originally released as a limited cassette on Edition Gravats in 2017, L.I.E.S. unveils the vinyl pressing of Krikor Kouchian's Saudi, an imaginary soundtrack for the 2016 French TV documentary Arabie Saoudite : Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

Acting as a sonic exploration of place, time and action, Saudi is a politically occupied work littered with signifiers. Orchestral swells and anticipatory long notes transmit an aura of ever-present danger tempered by brief moments of tenderness.

Soft beats periodically ease the tension, popping drums and solemn synths giving away a continued sense of displacement or subtle concern. Crystalline chimes in unusual modes come together to create an emotionally dense and unapologetically theatrical work not without playful flair and (moments of) tranquil air. 

Special price of $14 or $45 for the whole L.I.E.S. ambient bundle!