Jorge Velez ‎– The Saturn Star

Jorge Velez ‎– The Saturn Star


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Travel to the sublime depths of your conscious with the imagination of Jorge Velez’s The Saturn Star. Each track is a score to an imaginary documentary Velez created where “a 16th century physician-alchemist gets hunted down by the inquisition in Western Europe.”

Inviting listeners to enter this space, Velez illustrates a 8 image booklet titled 'Systema’  with intention to be digested while slowly exploring the mysteries of the saturn star. 

 Velez states "Making music is as visual a process for me as making a drawing. A piece of music that's working is able to take on some fantastic shapes or evoke entire scenes or environments. Creating a story, characters and scenes that vary in intensity make the process of building a score for an imagined film tremendous fun. Listening back [to 'The Saturn Star'] I can still see those 'film scenes' in my mind..."