Hiroshi Yoshimura ‎– Green (LP/CD/CS)

Hiroshi Yoshimura ‎– Green (LP/CD/CS)


Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Green is a staple in the collection of every beginning or deep ambient music aficionado. It's situated timelessly between being a beloved classic and reinventing itself with each listen.

Yoshimura, who passed away in 2003, is revered in his native Japan for his innovation in the field of environmental ambient music. He was a composer, music historian, and sound designer for fashion shows, museums, and even an aquarium.

This is the first reissue of a difficult-to-find album, originally released on Air Records in 1986. Its special touches include never-before-seen handwritten track notes and the original mix most preferred by Yoshimura, which was previously only available on the initial Japanese vinyl release.

Turn to Green for a medley of introspective heat and complex patterns coated in a tranquil syrup generated by Yamaha FM synthesizers. Glistening environmental sounds, lush textures, and timbres hum on the brink of minor and major, delighting with harmonic surprise. Find relief with deep dips in universal themes: "Feel," "Sleep," "Street," "Creek," each piece activated around the key of "ee." 

Both peaceful and energizing, Green is an ideal soundtrack while you work or as you give yourself to fully tuned in conscious listening. It also invites you to offer up your current emotional state and let it be transformed by, in Yoshimura's words, "the comfortable scenery of the natural cycle known as Green."