X Or Size - Covert ID

X Or Size - Covert ID


“One foot on earth, the other in the aether,” words from Josiah Wolfson, a.k.a X or Size, touching on the visionary mystery in his debut offering for Good Morning Tapes, Covert ID.

We have known Josiah for his community role as bookseller and owner of esoteric haven Aeon Books in the Lower East Side. Now it is a delight to hear his musical creations, assembled thoughtfully over seven years and composed of older, decontextualized works alongside newly conceived pieces. 

Convert ID gives us constantly evolving textural layers—a deep unfolding that centers around "musical practice as a daily method of meditation" and "informed by the pursuit of peace, presence, and personal growth."

Titles "Archeus," O No U Kno Y," "Undevicif," are keys to the secret wisdom within Covert ID, where the celestial and earthy intertwine languidly. 

Beautiful dub enmeshes in and out of cloudful ambiance on a pathway to hypnotic sublimation. Dusty auras of sound are brushed to a glimmering sheen; footsteps sink deeply into a multi-patterned foliage of trance, techno, and ambient.  

The vocal refrain "think of you" is blurred into past-life dance-floor strains for a lush, icy rush. Heartbeats resound through an old-growth forest and a cavernous underground, creating a collage effect. 

This is mirrored on the cover by Josiah's own original artwork, which resembles the intricate colors and patterns of metamorphic rock. 

Compelling from beginning to end, it's a spiritual journey as well as psychic relief.  

Commend is very happy to have these land in the shop for a short while (they’ll go fast!): a neighborhood friend’s creations in physical form.

GOOD MORNING TAPES · GMT41 X or Size - Covert ID (Snippets)