Giraffe - Desert Haze

Giraffe - Desert Haze


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Giraffe captured our imaginations with erstwhile offerings for Meakusma, Juni (2017) and Shine And Dark (2019). Sumptuous, enigmatic musical curiosities knitting together ambient and free improvisatory influences with psych / kraut flair, quietly theatrical dreamscapes humming and creaking with electroacoustic detail.

Sascha Demand thrums guitar, Jürgen Hall plays keys, and Charly Schöppner deftly weaves percussion in ritualistic threads. The three transfer unique and prestigious (if eccentric) careers in music into this superlative project, citing the Viennese School (Schoenberg et al) and the Köln School (for its early electronic experiments) as primary inspirations.

Their new album, Desert Haze, arrives via Ali Safi’s wonderful Marionette label, which aptly invokes the influence of “Saharan traditional music of the Tuareg” in addition to these foundations. Recorded and produced at Le Garage, in Hamburg, the first half of Desert Haze was created by combining free improvisation and a serialism "rule set”, layering instruments and structures based “around tone color and pitch analysis of resonating prepared guitar sounds”. Its second half reflects a more intuitive playing style on a pared down set up - “representative of what you may hear when listening to them live”.