Gail Laughton ‎– Harps Of The Ancient Temples

Gail Laughton ‎– Harps Of The Ancient Temples


"The shimmering, ethereal quality of the harp sings out under [his] loving care".

The sole offering of American jazz harpist Gail Laughton, Harps of the Ancient Temples, is a collection of ecstatic harp pieces that exist out of time. A dedication to the ancient, transcendent roots of the harp, the pieces gathered herein broadcast echoes of eras and monuments once only imagined. Utilizing the gorgeous depths of the harp's range, Laughton masterfully directs his instrument to paint serene and fully realized projections of spaces ranging from Stonehenge, to Lemuria, to Atlantis. 

One of the more circulated pieces of Harps, "Pompeii 76 A.D.", featured in the I Am The Center compilation, and perhaps more notably in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, perhaps best encapsulates this notion of an evocative, tactile space. Once in a blue moon, a collection of music is unearthed that provides a missing link to what would follow, from Daniel Schmid, to Midori Takada, to Leslie Winer. Harps is no exception to this phenomenon as a natural predecessor to the New Age musical movements that would follow over a decade later. Like Janus looking forward while looking back, Laughton's sole masterpiece feels both ahead of its time and far before it. 

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