François J. Bonnet - The Music To Come

François J. Bonnet - The Music To Come


Many of us are familiar with the quotation “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.” While we are not ones to laugh about the idea that one could, very well, dance about architecture, we feel similarly about music and deviate from the view of that quotation. Engaging with music need not be only relegated to listening or playing, though often writing on music “…means writing on a sociocultural field specific to a style, a population, an era or a history”; for those who enjoy a theoretical read, Shelter Press has published a book by François J Bonnet that attempts a manifesto for possible future music, devoid of trying to understand music through an already constructed environment of belief.

“The music to come becomes music in the same way that the English garden becomes wilderness.”

In this book, Bonnet makes the case that just like a forest is always “there”, music is also “there”, and through careful intuition and creative exploratory situations, music will emerge. Though many may disagree, it is an interesting concept to dissect that music is not created, but is brought forth through rituals.

Bonnet is a composer, visual artist, and artistic director of the Group de Recherches Musicales of the National Audiovisual Institute (INA-GRM), and is also the author of The Order of Sounds: A Sonorous Archipelago.