Fith - Swamp

Fith - Swamp


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London’s Outer Reaches presents the latest advent of post punk reverie from Paris/Manchester/Berlin collective Fith, featuring Dice Miller, Enir Da, Rachel Margetts, ChrIs Lmx and Arnaud Mathé. Inspired by Lucrecia Martel’s 2001 film La Ciénaga (“The Swamp”), the album is built around voice and language, an eerie part-spoken-part-sung oration of uncanny events accompanied by rich, psychedelic instrumentation. The opener, “Forest,” in introduced in veil-like ambient textures before surrendering to a gothic, percussion-driven and intensely-delivered poetic vision. Particularly - dare we say hauntingly - evocative is “l'au delà”, a foreboding, sombre waltz unfolding like a late 20th-century Daphne du Maurier mystery. The nature of Swamp is further appreciated with this vivid description of its creation from Margetts and Miller:

“The record was mostly recorded in a caretaker's wing of a 17th century castle in Normandy. It was early March 2018, and our first encounter with the Spring. We had no idea how everything would unfold. There was a lot of tension. Some of us felt compelled to get outthe attic room where we had set up our makeshift recording studio and just walk and walk down the vast flat meadows and explore the relics of the wartime barracks, others wanted to keep recording. The outside was serene and inviting, and even though we had been cooped up indoorsrecording for long stretches of time, we could see from the corner of our eyes, the branches of the trees quivering; an impersonal energy blew through us and then things just happened.”