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Ernst Thomas ‎– Modern Tracks


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Orbeatize is a record label run by Gianni aka Cesare Barbetta, who also runs the Boxes of Toys blog, out of Nardo, a town in the southern Italian region of Apulia. Boxes of Toys catalogues a large portion of Barbetta’s deep digging discoveries through sound and visual entries of electronic, dance, library and avant anomalies, many of them private or demos, from Italy and beyond. Orbeatize functions duly as a transmitter of weird recordings from the past (ORB) and strange visions of the present (BEAT).

Modern Tracks collects four recordings from Swiss multimedia artist Ernst Thomas private collection, including "Winterspiel," a collaboration with Peter Trachsel performed in Portugal in 1981. Using a Commodore SX 64, C-LAB Sequenzer, Oberheim Xpander, TMS Synthesizer & Polyphon and Serge Modular Music System, Thoma presents playful and intriguing melodic and rhythmic dances at times bombastic and at others inviting closer inspection.