Efraín Rozas ‎– I Enjoy The World

Efraín Rozas ‎– I Enjoy The World


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I Enjoy The World is the first solo album from Brooklyn-based performer-composer and robotics-software developer Efraín Rozas. Originally released as a limited cassette in 2017 on Peruvian label Buh Records, it is part of a series called Myth and Prosthesis, in which Rozas reflects on “the relationship between body, mind, reality, technology, politics and culture.” Rozas developed an experimental praxis of diametric trials - “sexual repression / excess, virtual disconnection / hyper-connection, and fasting / psychoactive overstimulation” - seeking to recover a personal mysticism and mythology from the dominance of official religions, pre-authenticated spirituality and cognitive capitalism.

It is intended that the listener follow along these lines and experience the album in a controlled, meditative context; all at once and ideally in darkness.