Speaker Music ‎– Of Desire, Longing (Includes QTRLY Report)

Speaker Music ‎– Of Desire, Longing (Includes QTRLY Report)


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DeForrest Brown Jr. aka Speaker Music blesses ears with his first solo release titled of desire, longing. 

"Speaker Music was inspired by Rhythmanalysis, a book of essays by urbanist philosopher Henri Lefebvre as well as considerations of vibe, momentum and the “chronopolitical” in Black music as defined by British cultural theorist Kodwo Eshun. "

"His debut for Planet Mu centers around gestural sonic portraitures of sonorous and cybernetic ensemble energy music. of desire, longing is a time-based release meant to fill both sides of the vinyl completely, working against the quick turnover rate of the current track-based standard of the streaming economy. Through his empathetic “touching of frequencies,” DeForrest unveils a romantic abstraction of sonic narratives that recalls previous innovations by electronic and jazz musicians such as Les McCann, Urban Tribe and James Stinson."