David Granström - A Distant Color, Secluded

David Granström - A Distant Color, Secluded


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Kali Malone and Maria W. Horn’s XKatedral label unveil A Distant Color, Secluded, the debut album from Swedish sonic architect and synthesist David Granström. Granström joins a procession of preeminent artists drawing on 20th century minimalism and medieval music to produce new, methodically precise, synthesized works.

A distant color conveys patient, drawn out forms that strike with emotional impact at the heart of this framework. Each of the four pieces were constructed using Supercollider software, a program allowing for delicate sonic control. Applying isometric and just intonation systems from Indian classical music, medieval compositions and the work of John Cage and Catherine Christer Hennix, Granström builds immersive worlds from simple chords layered in cyclical patterns.

The first side contains three pieces that move from gauzy oscillations in “The Other Side” through epic, organ-like splendor for “Approaching the Horizon” to ruminative bedroom rock in “Plane at Infinity”. The second side (barely) contains 25 minutes of “Waning Moon”, an infinitesimal voyage across Martian landscape with a singular goal of transfixed deep listening. With so little directive stimulation, vivid imaginative possibilities fill the space opened by this album, a nameless place deep within our experience.