DALE CORNISH / SIM HUTCHINS - Decouple ][ Series  [OOH-012]

DALE CORNISH / SIM HUTCHINS - Decouple ][ Series [OOH-012]


Following up a enduring split by NYC’s Georgia and Milan’s Bellows, the second entry in OOH-sounds Decouple ][ Series - which pairs artists working excitingly on the outer edges of the electronic music lexicon - comes from Dale Cornish and Sim Hutchins. London-based Cornish has enthralled us with releases on Entr’acte, Where To Now? and Anomia. “California” is a 9-minute, echoing rhythm workout punctuated by repeated vocal fragment and relentless bassline, somehow reminiscent of both Mark Fell's disjointed revolve and 80s spoken-dub outfit Savant. Fellow brit Hutchins provides the ambient-dub antidote, “Druk Pak,” pulsing with rhythmic abstraction and echoing into environmental desolation.