claire rousay - Both

claire rousay - Both


Both is the first vinyl release from claire rousay, an artist whose recordings explore "human relationships and self-perception." The album rests a soft-focus lens and deep intention on sounds of the everyday. The result is two mysterious, mildly psychedelic sound collages that probe unconscious memories.

rousay recorded Side A in a San Antonio library in Texas, where ghostly ephemeral frequencies, sonic creaks and shadows are manifested via sine tones, speakers and microphones. She then turns to an apartment in Mexico City as well as the world outside her window for the B side, "Two Things." 

Warm melancholic keys and muffled dog barks transition into overheard intimate conversations, then settles into flickering field recordings that conjure wind or flame. 

Thanks to Second Editions for bringing this ephemeral, sensitively tuned-in listening experience to Commend universe and ears. 

Second Editions · 009 - claire rousay - Library (excerpt, from Both)