Christina Vantzou ‎– Multi Natural

Christina Vantzou ‎– Multi Natural


In what will probably be remembered as one of the most sublime ambient releases of the year, Christina Vantzou presents her full-length release "Multi Natural," via Edições CN. You'll find yourself in a sonic collage that inhabits the framework of chamber music but drifts beyond. Tunnel breezily past morphed melancholic samples and into gentle drones draped in clouds, falling rain, and iPad harp notes.

Later you'll journey through soft rustles in the grass and intimate electronics imprinted with the memory of New Age motifs, which then dissolve with heavenly modular bursts of light.

The short track "Wild Beast Research" is punctuated by vocal manipulations and dreamy gasps, one of many wonderfully surprising moments that occur during "Multi Natural's" psychotropic unfolding. The entire record has an open-ended improvisational quality, as if guided by divine will working through Vantzou [and collaborators.]

It's easy to forget about time until you reach the end of the record, at which point you'll put it on again, wanting more layers of this calm and abstract cocoon.
This is music to accompany meditation, pleasurable childhood memories, microdosing, and quiet spiritual revelation.