Antenna - Quiet fx

Antenna - Quiet fx


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"Antenna is Sasha Renkas’ project for speculative, protean dance music. Releases on Beats in Space, BAKK and Pinkman have provided alternating feathery, energetic and blissed windows into his vision. Working with the idiosyncrasies of 80s and 90s hardware, Renkas embraces the unexpected errors and limitations of his toolbox, producing tracks that are unpredictable, organic and comfortingly low fidelity.

His new offering and the inaugural release for Antwerp label World of Paint is Quiet fx, a misty environment with that flows with tidal intensity. Extemporizing for hours in his Rotterdam studio, Renkas edited and finished the tracks with a small set up in Kiev. Ambient impressions arranged in soft house and electro structures lift the listener to higher altitudes.

Dusty downtempo moments, like opener “Tele” and melancholy groove trip “Factory;” and short piano thoughts “World that Lives” and “This Room” melt between the more uptempo movements. An angelic voice carries ambiguous messages through the fog, and the entire world of Quiet fx feels miniature - detailed but observed from faraway, enchanting at a distance. "